Heroic Science Fantasy Setting

Hyperstorm is a space opera setting with pulse blasters, aliens, psychic powers, and mysterious ancient artifacts and ruins. The core idea of this game concept is to transfer the well-tested idea of dungeon crawling into outer space and heroic 5th Edition rules. Instead of dungeons, the adventurers, also known as rifters, will be exploring anything from crash-landed spaceships to mysterious alien ruins and abandoned megacorp research stations.

These places are more often than not dangerous places, with terrible creatures, clever traps and other dangers such as leaking reactors, rogue nano-swarms or weird dimensional anomalies waiting for the hapless explorer.

But, the adventures do not have to be just scavenging wrecks and old ruins for loot. Depending on what you want to make of it, the adventures can be a straightforward blast & slash “wreck-crawl”, or the characters can get entangled in galactic conspiracies older than humanity itself, or take sides in the on-going conflicts between different factions fighting over the control of Pandora Cluster.

5E Compatible Rules

Hyperstorm is a science fiction setting and its rules are based on the 5th Edition System Reference Document published under the Open Gaming License.It is compatible with all the other games using the same rules as the fifth edition of the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game.