Waking Up From the Cryo-sleep

This is a short post to announce that the development of Hyperstorm is being activated again and there will be some changes to our approach.

This whole project started with the intention of making a spin-off or an English reboot of Finnish sci-fi RPG Heimot (Ironspine Press, 2006), but eventually turned into a 5th Edition compatible project as it was seen as a way to provide a sci-fi setting for a widely known ruleset and a potential match in the intended playstyle. However, after a few trials and revisions to the setting to fit it better for the 5th Edition rules, eventually, this did not feel like the right choice and after this, we put the project on hold.

Iron Tower. Illustration by Hans Zenjuga
by Hans Zenjuga

This summer there’s been growing interest in the Finnish scene towards a new edition of Heimot and because of this, I’ve decided to bring Hyperstorm back to its roots. Back to where it all started in 2015.

We are starting the development of the 2nd edition of Heimot and we will work at the same time to expand this site with English material. In other words, Heimot will be known as Hyperstorm in English.

Hyperstorm will use a success-based d10 dice pool system. This is an updated and streamlined version of the rules used in Sotakarjut (Warhogs), one of our earlier RPG publications.

More news & updates will follow during the fall.