PSA: Going to Cryosleep

Regardless of the silence here, stuff has been going on in the background, but now we need some time to regroup and update stuff. We are going to hibernation mode until further notice.

Re-vectoring course

We are re-vectoring our efforts with Hyperstorm to producing material that can be used with other 5th Edition sci-fi RPGs

The Nephilid Swarm

There has been talk about “the locusts”, this mysterious alien species that waged war with the Consortium for almost 20 years.

Here’s finally something more about this alien culture and what’s their part in the Hyperstorm setting.


Skinsuits are a standard piece of equipment for spaceship crew members, nomads, rifters, space pirates and alike. Basically for anyone who lives or works in space or hostile planets. Skinsuits work as a protective layer keeping its user warm or cold in extreme temperatures. It also works as an emergency vac suit and most models […]

Hyperstorm now on Patreon

We decided to try a new approach to the production and design of Hyperstorm. Instead of aiming to produce full core rulebook, we are going to work on smaller pieces that we can publish more often.   These publications will use Hyperstorm setting as a foundation, but they will be easy to adapt to any […]

Futuristic Firearms and combat

Hyperstorm is a science fiction roleplaying game set in far future of the humankind and what would science fiction be without futuristic weapons. Because the 5th edition SRD does not provide specific rules for modern firearms we had to come up with rules for those. The rules presented here are based on the available rules […]

Compatibility matters

Just a quick post about compatibility of Hyperstorm with the other 5e products. At first we had plans to deviate from the 5th edition SRD rules a bit more, but our playtests and benchmarking has proved that we should not drift away too much from the basic rules and try to keep things as simple […]