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Q: Who are you and what qualifications or previous experience do you have in making an RPG?

A: You can read more about us here

Q: Where can I get Hyperstorm?

A: Currently Hyperstorm is still in development, so it’s not available yet. It’s likely, though, that we will share some sort of previews or playtest versions of the game before final release.

Q: When will Hyperstorm be available / When can I play this?

A: Since we are just starting the development, we have not set a release date for Hyperstorm yet, as we don’t want to rush the game out. Since this is in effect a reboot, a lot of basic design is already done. At this point we want to remain careful about saying anything for sure. We’ll let you know when we have a schedule. 

Q: Why have a dev diary if you don’t even have a release date yet?

A: This is something that we have done with two of our games in the past with very positive results. First of all, being open about the game design helps us, the developers, commit to our decisions more firmly because we can’t change our minds about different things all the time. Secondly, this allows for other people to get involved, share their ideas and follow the progression of the design.

Q: Will Hyperstorm be available as a printed book, ebook or perhaps both?

A: We both are old school role-players so a printed book is a definite must. But, we also think that ebooks are really convenient in some situations, so we want to make an ebook too.

Q: Are there any expansions or campaigns planned?

A: There are a few ideas around already, but we will first focus on making the core book, then move on to source books and possible rules ports for other open game systems.

Q: Why don’t you make this for Starfinder / Savage Worlds / Fate / some other system? 

A: We like the principles and elegant design of the D&D 5th edition. In our opinion it is a great match for a heroic space opera RPG. For now we are concentrating on making this into a 5th edition compatible science fiction role-playing game, but we are looking into Fate also… It is not completely out of the question to do this for multiple suited systems at some point.

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