Our Design Principles

These are the pillars our design work rests on. These principles also reflect our own interests in making this game a really really cool space adventure RPG.

  • Exploration: Unknown alien worlds, conspiracies, strange psychic phenomenon, and challenging adventures with high-stakes and great rewards. 
  • “Find a crew, find a job, keep flying”: The player characters have the option to have a spaceship of their own and meaningful roles in its function. The spaceship more than just a vehicle – it is what unites the characters and often a character in itself. 
  • Magic-like Technology: Magic replaced with technological alien artifacts and hyper-advanced fractal-tech developed by singularity level AIs.
  • Full 5E Compatibility: No unnecessary or overly complicated special rules and exceptions. Most rules will be handled with existing rules and in the spirit of the original 5th Edition rules.