System Overview

Hyperstorm RPG is powered by a system based on the 5th edition System Reference Document (SRD5) and it will be published under the OGL license.

We will however make quite a few additions and modifications to the system. It will be still fully compatible with other 5th edition rules, but we want to give the game a certain space opera feel to it. Here are some rules sections that we are going to add to the existing SRD rules.

Futuristic Weapons

Rules for using different kinds of futuristic fireams (pulse pistols, plasma blasters, needlers, multirifles), explosives (Static grenades, dronades, smart mines) and futuristic melee weapons (vibro swords, chainhalberds and nanoblades).

Futuristic Armor

You need better protection against advanced firearms and Hyperstorm RPG will include the rules for exoskeletons, powered armor units, reactive armor and force fields.

Cybernetics and GeMos

In future organic body can be replaced and modified. Rules for cybernetic prosthetics, implants and gemos (genetic modifications).

Psionics and Nanokinetics

In the world of Hyperstorm, humankind has learned to master the hidden powers of the mind and interact with the physical world on molecular level by controlling swarms of semi-aware nanomachines . Rules for controlling the symbiotic nanoswarms to invoke effects that can produce matter out of thin air or to mend, alter or vaporize objects in mere seconds. Or to master the psychic powers of telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance.

AIs and Hacking

Intelligence and the origin of intelligent beings is very relative and varied in the world of Hyperstorm RPG. Super-intelligent singularity-level entities are rare and their existence is strictly controlled by the Technodome. But different kinds of low-level AI systems, autonomous robots and androids are common. Rules for hacking and controlling computer systems, AIs, robots, cybernetic brains or even alien artifacts are included in the game.

Spaceships and Space Combat

What would a space opera RPG be without spaceships and dogfights in space? In Hyperstorm RPG the spaceship, or the voidjammer, is what brings the characters together and it also acts as their moving base. The game will include rules for customizing your own spaceship and rules for space travel and combat.

Energy Points

When exploring alien ruins or scavenging a spaceship wreck the most valuable resource right after your own resourcefulness and skills is energy. Most of the technological equipment uses some kind of energy source to power them, some only minimal amounts, but some of the more advanced equipment can require immense amounts of energy. This is handled with the Energy Point system that allows the players to boost certain actions by spending extra energy. This can mean using extra charges from your pulse pistol or exerting your power armor to its limits. Some characters, like Fractals or Nanokinetics, can also benefit from using Energy Points and the same system is utilized also in ship-scale combat.

By spending Energy Points the player can add a die-roll to an Attribute check, a saving throw or even boost damage or recover lost hull points by rushing the ship’s automatic repair systems.


The Character creation will follow the model introduced in the 5th edition SRD, but with some changes. Most importantly the character creation is done by using lifepaths.  This is a slight deviation from the character backgrounds and the order in which a new character is created. When you create your character you will first choose the culture – or the species – for your character. After that you will choose one of the available sub-species for your character. This will largely define your character’s home-world and childhood. Next you will choose a background for your character that determines your characters adolescence, early career and the overall conditions where the character was raised and most importantly why your character has become an adventurer. Finally, you will choose a class for your character. The class will flesh out your character’s expertise and special talents. Further on, when reaching the 3rd level in a class, you will choose an archetype for your character. This will further determine your character approach to their area of expertise.

Heroic Rules

Hyperstorm is a space opera roleplaying game with an adventurous and heroic flair to it. This approach to the rules encourages the players to do great feats, but also gives the player character a little boost to quickly overcome multiple nameless minions or to beat the odds at a critical moment. Some of this is handled by a slightly modified Inspiration system, but also with rules for NPC with different power levels, for example.