Hyperstorm region map-01

The Edge

The Edge comprises of the border systems close to the Rift. It has a stronger metacorporation and Consortium presence than the Lost Expanse, where the Consortium has almost nonexistent authority.

The Rift

The Rift is a region of space experiencing constant hyperstorms that separate the Edge from the Lost Expanse. It usually takes around 8-16 months to cross the Rift.

The Lost Expanse

Previously a colonized area beyond the Rift that was lost to the locusts when they attacked for the first time. Most of the worlds in the Lost Expanse now lie in ruins, or they were abandoned in the evacuation efforts over ten years ago. However, a few new colonies and settlements have been founded in the Lost Expanse during recent years.

There are still many  spaceship wrecks to salvage and lost colonies to find. The first Malachim ruins are also located in the Lost Expanse.


The Prosperity Chain

The Prosperity Chain is a string of resource rich star systems close to the Rift in the Lost Expanse. The riches of the Prosperity Chain have attracted House Azuria, along with many smaller metacorps and prospector rigs, into the region.

The Clan Stars

The Nomad Clans have built several refueling and repair docks in a small cluster of stars in the Rift. No one else but Nomads are welcome into these systems, and Nomad patrols politely escort any unwanted ships out of the star system. Any hostilities are met with relentless return fire.

Pirate’s Eye Nebula

The Pirate’s Eye Nebula hides several Pirate safe havens and resupply stations on its star systems’ inhospitable worlds and asteroid fields. The nebula’s strong background radiation makes navigation and sensor use very difficult in the area, and pirates use this to their benefit when hiding their tracks and striking out into different parts of the Edge and the Lost Expanse.