The development of Hyperstorm RPG is now officially kicked off. We had a modest kick-off presentation at Ropecon yesterday. In case you are interested, you can download the presentation slides here.

Hyperstorm kick-off at Ropecon on 17th of May 2015.

Hyperstorm kick-off at Ropecon on 17th of May 2015.

The Plan

We have a project plan with nine broad milestones:

  1. Concept Design – Initial setting design
  2. Prototype – Core game mechanics, character creation and basic setting
  3. Alpha Design –  Iterating the game mechanics and adding details as different parts of the game get internally tested.
  4. Beta Design – Creating and designing all the other content for the game, to have it “feature ready” by the end of this milestone.
  5. Closed Playtesting – Testing the game with selected groups. At this point the game should be detailed enough for anyone to play or gamemaster Hyperstorm without any help.
  6. Open Playtesting – Detailing and polishing of the game according to received feedback.
  7. Layout & Final Polish – Layout, proofreading and final touches for the game mechanics and the setting.
  8. Pre-order – Pre-order campaign to estimate the size of the print run for the rulebook and other possible merchandise.
  9. Release – Hyperstorm is released as a printed book and pdf with any merchandise sold in advance.

We do not have yet a set schedule, because we do not want to rush things and we have a day job and families that go ahead of this project. After all this is a hobby project for us, not our bread and butter. So, do not expect an overwhelming pace in the game development, but as things clarify and we have a better understanding of the workload and our capacity to work on the project, we will announce a schedule for the milestones.

Next up

So, we are finalizing the concept design and next up will be the prototype. So far the development has moved forward with speed, as we have most of the things figured out already because of the reboot. My goal is to get a prototype done by the end of June, perhaps even earlier and Hans is moving on with the concept art.