Into the Hyperstorm!

It’s almost 10 years since I published my first role-playing game, Heimot, and what would be a better way to design my first English role-playing game than to reboot my first Finnish role-playing game.

This all started as a common discussion about role-playing games between me and Hans. After a while we both came to a conclusion that we could not come up with a single space opera role-playing game which would feel like dungeon crawling in space, but with a lighthearted adventure feel to it – a bit like in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie or like Indiana Jones in space, but with blasters, cybernetics and psionic powers. Yes, there are quite a few sci-fi RPGs out there and some of them are really good, but they still lack a certain feel and focus to the setting and/or the game mechanics that we were looking for.

So, we began putting together some ideas and listed all the stuff that we wanted to have in the game. From that list we filtered out the ideas that did not really stick or fit our vision and eventually we had a short list of stuff we wanted to have in our game. We turned this into our design principles. In addition to different elements in the setting, we wanted to have a familiar, but still a unique and intriguing visual design style.

This is the beginning – a very start of a long journey ahead of us – and we are happy to welcome You to follow us into the Hyperstorm!