News about the Ironcore Engine

Earlier I wrote in the Game Mechanics page that Hyperstorm would be using a d10-based system. Well, it did, but during the summer we playtested the rules more in the context of Hyperstorm and felt that something was off.

After long debates and discussion about the system, we decided to upgrade the die type from d10 to d20. This gives the system a wider range for different modifiers and I felt that this is something that a space opera RPG can certainly benefit from.

So, the system is pretty much the same as before, but the system is now d20-based (instead of d10) and ‘Momentum’ is called ‘Flow’ in the core ruleset. Let’s see if we decide to keep it ‘Momentum’ for Hyperstorm.

You can read more about the Ironcore Engine here.


I’ll post more details about the system as things get consolidated.