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Just a quick post about compatibility of Hyperstorm with the other 5e products. At first we had plans to deviate from the 5th edition SRD rules a bit more, but our playtests and benchmarking has proved that we should not drift away too much from the basic rules and try to keep things as simple as possible without adding too many new rule sets or values to be tracked – no separate ACs for different damage sources or multiple hit point pools, for example.

The Fate of the Focus Points

In practice this means that we are rolling back and dropping the species based hit points and the Focus points are going replace the Inspiration.  The Focus will work a bit differently from the Inspiration by allowing the player characters to do more heroic actions and giving the players an incentive to bring their character’s personality traits more into play.

Focus points in short:

  • Long rest resets your Focus to 1 point
  • Maximum Focus is equal to Proficiency Bonus (e.g. a character with a Proficiency Bonus of +3 can have up to 3 Focus points).
  • Focus points are rewarded when the players brings one of the character’s personality traits into play as a flaw or hindrance, the player achieves something that is important to the character’s class, background or personality or overcomes a major obstacle or enemy.

Using a Focus point grants one of the following to any skill check, attack roll or save the character makes:

  • Re-roll
  • +5 to the result
  • An Advantage to a roll (this can be used to trigger special abilities like Sneak Attack)

Voyant Biosavant concept by Hans Zenjuga

Nano, Psi and other Resources

Instead of the class-based Focus points each of the relevant classes will receive their own resource points that are used to fuel different class-based special abilities. For example, The Voyants have PSI points and the Nanokinetics have Nano points that are used to fuel their psychic and nanokinetic abilities.

So, to summarize, we decided to get back closer to the already well-know rules, but there will be specific rules for firearms, energy shields and starships that will add the sci-fi feel to the game.

Oh, I need to write about the firearm rules a post of its own soon. Especially the rules for shotguns in various 5e and d20 games have become my personal pet peevie. Hyperstorm will NOT have shotguns of any kind with 1d4 damage and 10ft range 😀

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  1. Adam Anderson

    October 2, 2017

    I’d love to see this setting and Cthhonian Highways debut as Savage Worlds settings. They’re just screaming for it! If you aren’t familiar with that ruleset, do yourself a favor and check out Bennies and shotgun rules in Savage Worlds.

    I’m a fan of the things Ironspine is putting out – but I’d much rather play them in Savage Worlds than in a D20 setting. Regardless – good luck!

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