Scifi-armory – Part 1: Weapons – Now on Patreon!

We have released our first 5th Edition compatible installment for the Hyperstorm space opera setting. The supplement uses the Hyperstorm setting as a base, but it is fully compatible with the other 5th Edition compatible RPGs. 

Science Fiction Armory – Part 1: Weapons

This 15-page supplement includes the rules for sci-fi (and modern) firearms and high-tech melee weapons. The rules follow the design principles and spirit of 5th Edition rules but includes completely revised rules for burst fire and a bunch of new weapon properties, for example.

This is a completely overhauled version of the rules published on this site previously.

Pulse pistol by Hans Zenjuga

In addition to the new rules, there a bunch of new weapons from needlers to force blades and necroblasters. 

The stats are compatible with the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game, but also with some of the most popular 5E compatible science-fiction RPGs. 

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