Setting Description Being Updated

I’m updating the setting description. The Regions page is already updated and the background is coming soon.

The most significant change is that we have removed the Rift from the setting as it was and basically moved the main setting inside what was previously the Lost Expanse. This region of the galaxy is now called Pandora Cluster, and it is unique in many ways in comparison to the most other parts of the galaxy:

  • The whole cluster is very rich in a mineral called Amatium, which has many practical applications in a more refined form from hyperspace fuel to psychic power enhancing drugs.
  • Pandora Cluster is riddled with small more or less stable wormholes creating a network between dozens of planetary systems. Also, Pandora Cluster itself is accessible only through a large stable wormhole called The Eye.
  • All known systems in the cluster are affected by a strange gravitational phenomenon, hyperstorm, that makes hyperspace travel inaccurate, slow and even hazardous. This phenomenon is caused by several gigantic black holes surrounding the Cluster. And most of the interstellar travel within the Cluster is handled through Consortium controlled fargates – highly advanced orbital structures that create stable wormholes between two points – but there are space pilots and spaceship crews who defy the dangers of the hyperstorm. They are rifters – explorers, smugglers and fortune hunters who traverse the Cluster without being bound by the fargates. There are countless worlds in the cluster, and some of them are accessible only through the rough gravitational currents of the hyperstorm. 
  • Most of the so-called rift worlds (planets and systems connected to the network of wormholes) have ruins of an alien civilization in them. Other signs of the Malakim culture have been found in the other parts of the galaxy before, but not nearly as many as in the Pandora Cluster alone. 

Our goal is to keep the Hyperstorm an independent setting while allowing it to be included in other worlds more seamlessly. This doesn’t mean that we are making Hyperstorm less original, but we are giving it a more focused approach, and keeping options open for what lies beyond the Pandora Cluster.