The Nephilid Swarm

There has been talk about “the locusts”, this mysterious alien species that waged war with the Consortium for almost 20 years.

Here’s finally something more about this alien culture and what’s their part in the Hyperstorm setting. 

The Nephilid Swarm (also known as locusts) is a collective of various species enslaved by a highly advanced and hostile psychic alien species, nephilid. The Nephilid Swarm was first encountered almost thirty years ago when a consortium amatium probe came into contact with nephilid harvester drones.

The Swarm moved swiftly through the rifts and attacked every colony they could find with no warning, and more invasion fleets poured in through the rifts and the hyperspace as the resistance grew stronger. There was no way to push the Swarm back and eventually, a general evacuation order was given to all the colonies beyond the Acruxian Gate.  After almost twenty years of fighting, the invasion was finally stopped as quickly as it had started.

Nephilids were not willing to negotiate during the whole 20-year war. They seemed arrogant and regarded Consortium cultures as lower species, but meaningful enough to be assimilated into the Swarm. Those who were captured alive were psychically enslaved and physically transformed by nephilids to work as their slaves and soldiers.

Nephilids seem to be very interested in the enigmas and their pure amatium resources. It seems that they harvest amatium to fuel their ever-growing swarm and aggressive expansion. Even though the last ten years or so has been ominously silent and peaceful, there has been a growing number of reports of nephilid sightings.