Re-vectoring course

As you might already know there’s now some really good 5E compatible science-fiction RPGs, like Esper Genesis or Dark Matter, available already or coming soon. We see no longer any point in making yet another rule set, instead we are re-vectoring our efforts to producing material that can be used with other 5th Edition sci-fi RPGs.

Hyperstorm is a setting that can work as an independent setting with your favorite 5E Edition rule set, or it can function as a part of another setting. We trying to make it as easy as possible to include to any other setting, even the D&D multiverse, with little or no modifications needed.

Currently, we are working onĀ Hyperstorm Primer, which works as an introduction to the Pandora Cluster and the Hyperstorm setting. On top of this, we will publish new setting specific classes and archetypes, races and subraces, optional rules, alien monsters, adventures, and special equipment.

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