Waking Up From the Cryo-sleep

This is a short post to announce that the development of Hyperstorm is being activated again and there will be some changes to our approach. This whole project started with the intention of making a spin-off or an English reboot of Finnish sci-fi RPG Heimot (Ironspine Press, 2006), but eventually turned into a 5th Edition […]

Situation Report

It’s been a bit silent lately as we have been taking care of some loose ends and, well, making RPGs comes after work and family after all. To be more precise me and Hans have been working on a military scifi RPG that I have been doing since 2010. The game is called Sotakarjut, or “Warhogs” […]

Minor Course Adjustment: Using the 5th Edition SRD

Last week Wizards of the Coast announced big news by publishing the System Reference Document for the 5th edition D&D rules under Open Game License. This caused some discussion within the Ironcore Engine development team, and between me and Hans. This opened a new window for us with some very interesting possibilities. The latest version of Ironcore Engine is […]

Status Report 09-2015

It’s been a bit quiet on the Hyperstorm front lately, but not because nothing would have been happening. We have been just too busy with developing the rules to make dedicated updates 🙂 We have now the core rules pretty much revised and set up and the Chthonian Highways demo game is coming out in […]