Here is a collection of frequently asked questions with brief answers. If you didn’t find an answer to the question you have in mind, go ahead and ask us!

Q: Who are you and what qualifications or previous experience do you have in making an RPG?

A: You can read more about us here

Q: Where can I get Hyperstorm / When will Hyperstorm be available / When can I play this?

A: Hyperstorm is an ongoing project. Releases are made through Patreon by default. More significant releases, collections and such are announced on this site.

Q: Will Hyperstorm be available as a printed book, ebook or perhaps both?

A: We both are old school role-players so printed collections or versions are coming. We will announce print releases on this site.

Q: Why don’t you make this for Starfinder / Savage Worlds / Fate / some other system? 

A: We like the principles and elegant design of the 5th Edition. In our opinion, it is an excellent match for a heroic space opera RPG. For now, we are concentrating on making this into a 5th edition compatible science fiction role-playing game, but it is not entirely out of the question to do this for multiple systems at some point.

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