Our Design Principles

These are the pillars our design work rests on. These principles also reflect our own interests in making this game a really really cool space adventure RPG.

  • Exploration: Unknown alien worlds, conspiracies, strange psychic phenomenon, and challenging adventures with high-stakes and great rewards.
  • Magic: Magic exists. It is represented as ancient technology and methods that are incomprehensible to most. It can be used to mold matter, space and time.
  • Technology: Super advanced technology, like hyperdrives, robots, and blasters are ubiquitous, but they exist together with – or sometimes take the form of – more archaic technology, like swords, sail ships, and beasts of burden.
  • Epic scale: The history spans tens of thousands if not even millions of years. Creatures with god-like power have existed or still exist. The cultures have inhabited the whole galaxy, perhaps even multiple galaxies, at some point in history. Currently, the explored space covers around one quarter of the galaxy and thousands of worlds. The actions of the characters can have an impact on epic proportions.